Our Philosophy

All what we are, all what we create, follows a life cycle which by nature is limited in time. It is born, it grows, it disappears. But beyond people and goods there are sorts of living things that prevail, that we humans can make immortal!

The wine world is a wonderful example of such intangible legacy. We constantly find values, habits, sensations, memories, feelings that were, are, and will be present among us and forever. Vinegrowers mainly, oenologists and winemakers, all of them keep this legacy alive, with their work in eternal progress, generation after generation.

All of this shared vital experience shows itself at its greatest in the so called Terroirs. Within a Terroir  both know-how and tradition link deeply to soil, weather and specific vines, all in all achieving a unique originality and authenticity for the wines being created there!

Those who know how to recognise the immortal living echoes behind these wines are the recipients of our IMMORTALIS wines. They understand what old-vines are about, they love the landscape of certain single vineyards, they appreciate the efforts made by the people attached to protect them and bring quality and uniqueness, vintage after vintage.  So, we had this idea in mind when started the IMMORTALIS project: Those who know how to really enjoy precious moments and make them unforgettable, thus honouring our motto Eternity is hinged upon this moment, will be contributing to perpetuate the unique immortal character of our grape varieties.

Immortal ''Terroirs''


  • 40-year-old vineyards located in the Subzone of "Condado".
  • Located 300 meters above sea level.
  • Granitic soils.
  • Atlantic climate with continental influence.
  • Warm summers with big thermal differences between day and night. Cold winters.
  • High Rainfall.


  • 45 year old vineyards.
  • Located almost 1000 meters above sea level.
  • Clay, calcareous and stony soil.
  • Mediterranean climate.
  • Warm summers with big thermal differences between day and night.


  • Vineyards up to 40 years old.
  • Located between 700-900 meters above sea level.
  • Clay & calcareous soil, with ferrous component.
  • Continental - Mediterranean climate.
  • Warm summers with big thermal differences between day and night.
  • Very cold winters.
  • Poor rainfall.

Our Wines




  • HARVET: Last week of August.
  • VINIFICATION: Cold maceration to extract the maximum intensity of aromas and the minerality of the terroir. Controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks at 15-16 ºC.
  • AGEING ON LESS: 4 months with manual batonnages. Indigenous yeast.
  • TASTING NOTE: Clean and bright. Straw yellow with greenish touches. High intensity of white pulp fruit, such as pear, apple, nectarine and melon. White flower notes (white hawthorn) Crispy acidity, greedy and intense through mouth with a sweet running; balanced with mineral character, stony. Fruity and citric aftertaste.




  • HARVEST: Second week of October.
  • VINIFICATION: The grapes come from very old vines with low yields (Max 3000 Kg / ha). After going through the selection table only selecting the most healthy grapes, the wine started the fermentation. This wine offers the typical aromas and tastes of a young wine, but with enough structure to withstand a short stay in barrels, which helps to give it more complexity and finesse.
  • AGEING: 6 months –French oak.
  • TASTING NOTE: Vivid purple red color. Black fruits, spicy aromas & balsamic. It results very fresh, rich, roundness and mineral.



  • HARVEST: Second week of October.
  • VINIFICATION: Old concentrated bush vine fruit were hand harvested during the 2nd week of October. IMMORTALIS GARNACHA is a wine without makeup that expresses the terroir from where it comes, a wild Garnacha cultivated in high altitude with very low yields. (Around 2500 Kgr / ha). Fermentation at less than 25ºC in concrete tanks of 20,000 kilos, maceration for 16 days.
  • AGEING: 5 months –French oak.
  • TASTING NOTE: Deep purple red color. Intensity of red fruits, spicy and earthy aromas. Wild red fruits with very well integrated tannins, smooth & spicy finish with a nice acidity. All these are resulting in a full bodied red with very good balance.

Where We Make Our Wines

Our Team


We are a bunch of wine coworkers. “Young” people with entrepreneurial spirit, 20 years of experience in the business, and a great deal of restlessness and love for what we love: WINE in its broadest sense. That is: wineries, exceptional colleagues, awesome spots where unique vineyards are to be found!

The project begun at the end of 2015, we were tasting many wines as usually, we then agreed we should try to present the consumer with varietal wines without any makeups, these had to be pure and honest wines! So here we are, paying homage to every grape variety which grows in unique spots along our wide geography. Simply letting these so very special vineyards captivate us!

Inmaculada, Ana, Federico and Félix, the four of us reckon Immortalis as our way to transmit also our passion for wine. Each Immortalis wine has meant an unforgettable memory for us, and we will be fortunate if we achieve the same outcome every time a consumer opens a bottle.

Our path does not end here, we’ll keep on searching for Immortal terroirs and for sure that we’ll share them with you.


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